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Favorite ThisProfresher: Leo Review

Published: September 7, 2012
By: Gracie Roberts

Minneapolis is home to an up-and-coming name in the game: Profresher a.k.a. Billy Blacklight. This edgy artist describes himself as “responsible for 'crunk-flavored beats' and 'neo-g-funk' basslines that set a bold stage for the crisp synth lines that cruise on top.” Since 2009, Blacklight has consistently been delivering innovative releases to his fanbase that continues to grow in scope. Late last month, Profresher released Leo -- the fifth installment of his Zodiac collection. Like its namesake, Leo is three tracks of musical ferociousness and domination that packs a punch.
“Coconuts” is a brisk cut that opens with a bizarre, psychedelic vocal sample that appears several times throughout the track. With a buzzing bass line that lies under a tapping drum beat, the listener is taken along on an aural journey that is filled with space-age sound effects and bellowing, stringy synth moments.
Continuing with his galactic aesthetic, “Shoot the Moon” is Blacklight’s opportunity to demonstrate his best hip-hop sound. This track’s drums are heavy and possesses hints of trap elements. However, its dark beat is juxtaposed by a major melody that is produced by an airy, woodwind-like synth. The melody’s simple scale runs have a light and carefree presence, while Profresher’s wompy synths keep his crunk sound present and pronounced.
“Invasive Species” finishes out Leo. Beastly in its nature, “Invasive Species” has just as much (if not more) of a fitting title than the album itself. Profresher’s synthesized woodwind sounds return for this track, presenting a flute solo that soars over funked-out synths and an ever-present snare beat. The listener is brought into a sort of futuristic jungle when listening to this track, complete with the sounds of birds singing and laserbass synths.
Leo is available for a $1 download or free streaming on Profresher’s Bandcamp page. As the artist still has seven more Zodiac signs to hit before the collection is complete, perhaps a Virgo release is in store for the future. Keep your eyes peeled!

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