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Published: December 20, 2011

Vital Management was only founded in 2010, but the agency already represents more than 30 electronic music producers and DJs. This may be in large part due to its affiliate event production company, Vital SC, which launched in 2009 and has been producing a steady stream of noteworthy electronic events ever since.

Vital Management represents a plethora of dubstep producers – which makes sense since Vital SC produced Wobbleland, Northern California’s largest dubstep event to-date and the second place selection for the 2011 UK Dubstep Music Awards’ “best dubstep event.”

Vital also produces a ton of smaller California-based shows that showcase its own roster – which includes Bassex, Freddy Todd, and Jantsen, to name a few – but also calls upon electro heavyweights outside of the Vital family, from Benny Benassi to Skrillex to Rusko.

With an impressive roster of electronic talents and a stream of well-produced and reputable live productions, Vital is a force in the California music scene that shows no signs of slowing down.

Akira Kiteshi - Teraohm

Bassex - Sex Drive

BEAZT - M.A.R.K 13

Billy Blacklight (Profesher) - Legoland

Captain Panic! - Offering (ft. Veela)

Cottonmouth - Tubular Bass

Dumbsteppaz - It's Over 9000

Elfkowitz - Remember The Timez

Freddy Todd - One In Tha Fr0nt

Gambit - Pistol Grip

Getter - Hamface

Klaypex - Let It Go (feat. KATFYR)

LabRat - The Funk

Liam Shy - Tik Tok Tek

LoBounce - Oil Slick

Minnesota - Hold Up

Mr. Rogers - Too Many Notes

Oblivion Feat. Ashley Merges - Bass Freq

Omega - To Be

PropaTingz - STRONG (Feat John Jamin)

Protohype - LIKE DIS

Rudebrat - Apocalypse


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