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Favorite This[PREMIERE] Psydell - Overview EP [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: January 20, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

Central Illinois is the last place you'd look to find a burgeoning psychedelic scene, but Josh Sidell is trying to change that, one brain-melting cut at a time.

The new Psydell EP, Overview, is far and away the best intro a fan could get to the work of this young producer. It's blindingly easy to tell Sidell is a drummer, because the attention to detail in opener "Terrestrial" is exquisite. Of course the Tipper influence is there--the guy got one of his biggest breaks opening for the godfather of glitch back in September--you think that wasn't going to rub off?

Tracks like "Gelatinous Vapors" and "Traveling Through Galaxies" have a dubby vibe that's just so addicting. Makes you wanna bounce. That gorgeous glitch sound design is present in every metronome tick. This guy doesn't take a beat off. I imagine him hunched over his computer, expanded all the way in to the milisecond, just tweaking every little frequency individually. The closer wraps this neat little package up with a more intense, almost Haywyre-esque swing that breaks down into breakbeat madness. It's nasty.

This is the guy to watch. Psydell hits Gem & Jam for his second year in a row next month, and returns to Chicago for RE:VISION at Concord Music Hall with Alex Grey, Papadosio, Thriftworks, and Desert Dwellers. Heads up, fam.

Tags: BreaksDrum and BassGlitchHip Hop