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Favorite ThisD WEBB leans into ThazDope Records' conscious hip-hop trajectory

Published: December 1, 2017

By: Hank S. Picious

ThazDope TakeoverThis year, our friends at ThazDope Records have taken on the next chapter of the label's plans for cleansing the music industry, and have launched their hip-hop sector. Conscious Hip Hop (featuring content beyond the standard radio norms of money, hoes, drugs, and cars) is what the label intends to curate more for our scene of forward thinkers.

Today's exclusive is the first track off of D WEBB's full length album, What a Beautiful Life, forthcoming on ThazDope Records on December 29th. "Too Much" tackles the issue of success, and what everyone on the outside and inside perceives it to be. The hook states: "I know they gonna hate. There's to much on my mind to worry about what they say. I know they gonna hate. There's way too little time and too much on my plate." Inspiring other artists to keep their nose to the grind and see their visions into reality is what D WEBB intends to do with his art.

He will be joining the ranks of long time ThazDope veterans Moniker, Juju Beats, Danny Grooves, Psydell, Spinion, and KaBass, next Friday, December 8th, in Peoria, Illinois (hosted by Spankalicious) for the Midwest ThazDope Takeover at The Rail where he already has massive support from fans in his region.

D WEBBMake sure to grab up the album when it hits on December 29th! Catch the stream LIVE on December 8th of the ThazDope Takeover on the ThazDope Records Facebook page.

Producers: the opportunity to remix this track becomes available this Sunday when Spankalicious releases the raw vocal track to the public on his Wellness and Sharing live stream podcast. It's easy to become involved in this collaborative community of music makers of all skill levels. ThazDope Records will continue to provide opportunities and a platform for uprising stars in the underground culture.

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