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Favorite ThisPleasure debuts 'Let Me Get Some Action' from Unknown EP [Sept 29]

Published: September 23, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

Coming off a huge weekend at Infrasound Equinox, the man, the mist, the lingerie, Pleasure, is cramming more of that weird bass into your ear sockets. Sean McCarthy has been screaming across the country towards his fall retreat in northern California where has promised to hunker down and crank out more tunes, but a boatload are coming our way in the form of Unknown EP this coming Tuesday (September 29) via Wormhole.

Today's premiere, "Let Me Get Some Action," sends the Beastie Boys on a hyperdimensional trip through cats barfing rainbows, and other such delights from the drum & bass, trap, and dubstep worlds. Odd flavors collide against one another as the bass wobbles you harder than a Tilt-a-Whirl gone batty. For fans who want more tastes of the impending EP, hit up Wormhole Wednsdays tonight at The New Parish in Oakland, CA for a proper set from Pleasure.

Tags: Drum and BassGlitchHip HopTrap