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Favorite ThisPhutureprimitive’s Luminous EP quells the most eager of electronic appetites

Published: May 26, 2010

By: Cole Epley

For those of you who have been waiting patiently since 2004’s Sub Conscious album debut, the wait is over—aside from numerous single releases and remixes through the years, the time has finally come for the next Phutureprimitive feature release. Feast your ears on Luminous EP: a blissfully eargasmic helping of genre-bending electronic soothsaying that is sure to create some (white) noise among electronic enthusiasts both young and old. May 25’s release of Luminous EP will satiate even the most voracious of sonic appetites, and what the three-track hot-off-the-press EP lacks in length, it certainly makes up for in robust, intricate and intelligent production.

Beginning with the quizzically pulsating-yet-soothing bass vehicle that comprises the ‘meat’ of the opening ‘Luminous,’ the versatility of Alyssa Palmer’s vocal range throughout the title track echoes emotion and drives the already-lush Phutureprimitive soundscape in a fresh direction. The opening six minutes of ‘Luminous’ serve as a guiding light into the titillating trio of masterful production that you’ll surely become more familiar with as each listen carries you deeper and deeper into your newly-polished sonic sensibilities. Featuring a prominent lyrical aspect is groundbreaking for Phutureprimitive, whose ‘vibration for the imagination’ has historically stayed within the realm of expanding and blurring traditional bounds of electronic genres without significant vocal accompaniment. It definitely works.

Rain’s remix of Tornado Zebra’s ‘Burn’ stands out as the middle selection on the EP and again features Palmer’s increasingly tantamount vocal density. Combined with ethereal fade-ins and buoyant breaks, this cut has some otherworldly heft which echoes between your ears like the high tide. Finally, the hypnotic vocals of producer/songwriter Rain himself seep through mesmerizing percussion of a near-indigenous feel in the ‘Faded Mix’ of ‘Darkness.’ He begins, “If you won’t mind, I’m taking over…” And the listeners won’t mind—the Phutureprimitive brainchild ceremoniously and deftly maneuvers the remaining sequence of equally hypnotic soundscaping and rounds off the 17 minutes of Luminous EP with definitiveness and a sonic taste to leave you craving listen after delicious listen.

In an effort to indulge both the fans and his music’s quest to transcend the genre in atypical and organic fashion, Rain has been taking Phutureprimitive sets to the next level of live performance as of late by adding live drums and bass to the lineup. Rain’s keys in combination with guitar and vocal offerings manage to successfully transform what was at one time a producer-and-mixer setup into a living, breathing band. Catch the next slated Phutureprimitive live band performance on July 23 at Mystic Garden Party in Corning, California. In the meantime, feed your electronic appetite on Luminous EP, which you can pick up for a meager $3 via the Phutureprimitive homepage.

Tags: Downtempo