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Favorite ThisPhutureprimitive releases official video for "Lucid Dream"

Published: November 6, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

In the age of crowdsourcing, new and brilliant worlds have opened up to independent artists who will continue to push the envelope in the search for what's next. This vision is realized fully with the launch of Phutureprimitive's "Lucid Dream" video, a project which flourished solely because of support of Rain's fans.

The stunning visual accompaniment to the track from Searching for Beauty in the Darkest Places is matched by the mindblowing effects and meticulous execution of the master vision. Knowledgable friends of the scene and its sound helped out with the video, including executive producer Julian Reyes of Keyframe Entertainment (Electronic Awakening) and producer Jesse Vinton (Vinton Depiction).

Visual effects producer and animator Michael Miller of NBC's Grimm, carefully matched the PhutureP symbology with the earthy richness of the Oregon coast. Dancer Caeli La and Phutureprimitive search for one another in a hybridized technological and natural environment solving futuristic puzzles along the way. It's a fascinating tale told through song and mythology that absolutely bends the mind.

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Tags: Downtempo