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Favorite This[PHOTOS] Nectar on the Rocks: Bassnectar, Sub Focus, Kill Paris, Golden Lips of Silence and more (May 30, 2014)

Published: June 9, 2014

Photos by: Peter Nguyen (Empty Planet Productions)

Story by: Dan Burns

Fans of Lorin Ashton flocked to Colorado the last weekend in May for the two day ritualistic experience that is Bassnectar at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. License plates from every corner of the map could be spotted in the lots, and Ashton’s appreciation for this magnitude of dedication was felt throughout the event. The so-called “Freaks” were out in full force, ready and waiting to see what the Bassnectar crew had in store, and with months of preparation, expectations were at an all time high.

To soothe the bass lovers early on, both Kill ParisSub Focus, and Golden Lips of Silence played spirited sets that worked perfectly to build the evening up to Lorin’s arrival to the stage. Anticipation throughout the venue was at its peak as the visuals and music slowly started portraying a galactic adventure, similar to the opening montages created by Saxton Waller and STS9.

In true Bassnectar fashion he let the music speak to start the journey before hopping on the mic to welcome all who came from near and far. The set that followed left all fans in attendance with only smiles and stiff limbs as we danced to the battering of bass between the rocks.

Tunes from the forthcoming album Noise vs Beauty as well as singles from recent Albums like Freestyle and VavaVoom, to relics like “Churn of the Century,” Lorin kept the crowd in a frenzy throughout the two and a half hour set. The night climaxed with a spiritual rendition of “Hide and Seek” into “Empathy,” where the fans were given a moment to breathe, but to also take a look around and realize the magnitude and beauty of the event we were experiencing together. It was truly a moment that has etched its place into my memory forever.

Bassnectar - Red Rocks

The energy and excitement stemming from night one was felt immediately as we pulled into the lots and prepared ourselves for the next round. It was a scene reminiscent of the main stage at Electric Forest 2012, where Bassnectar was set to play right after SCI.

High fives and hugs were given all around with chants of, “Happy Bassnectar!” echoing behind us as we made our way to the venue. If you were not ready for round two upon arrival, these exchanges between bassheads, deadheads and everything in between served as an uplifting energy that can only be found at Red Rocks.

NYC heroes Break Science took the stage first to get the crowd moving before bass music artist Crookers followed. The stage was set once again, with the Denver skyline in view and the elegant orange glow from the Rocks captivating your senses from all directions.

Lorin wasted no time getting to the point the second time around, opening with a tune that he said will only be used during his live sets and will not be released on an album. The “Frog Song” as bassheads have been known to call this futuristic tune got people bouncing immediately. This, followed by “Now” a fresh single from Noise vs Beauty, started off this particular journey. Once again, the impressive catalogue of sounds and tracks from Bassnectar and friends made its presence felt.

Tracks like “Delamure” and “Bursting” balanced the onslaught of new material. The night served as a message to the local community of Morrison, Colorado who has pulled out all the stops to limit this type of music rattling their properties. The set ended with the rare track “Open Your Eyes,” which exudes a feeling of awakening and realization that only helped to make his point more concrete.

Whether or not this was Bassnectar’s last show at Red Rocks, the message was loud and clear. We “the freaks” are not going anywhere, we are coming full force and from miles around to experience the music that inspires.

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