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Favorite ThisPaper Diamond / Granada Theater (Dallas, TX) / 10-04-12 [Review + Photos]

Published: October 16, 2012
Article and Photos By: Taylor Thompson

Paper Diamond and the innovative team at Elm and Oak are putting on one hell of an eye opening—rather, eye squinting experience on the Night Vision Tour. After a slew of impressive festival sets, Paper Diamond (AKA Alex B), is on the road headlining venues across the country. The second stop in Dallas was held at the classic Granada Theater. With "Love Yourself" elegantly painted above the house stage, it was a welcome reminder for the passionate crew, performers, and concertgoers.

The lighting rig is well worth the wait as it looms in shadows and teases you during the warm-up performances. This stop had Clicks and Whistles out of Charlotte, NC kick off the night before LA based producer Protohype set the stage for Paper Diamond. With such talented company joining the tour, it is inevitable that the bus will be a mini-studio, providing fresh unreleased tracks.

Rambunctious, original tunes mixed in with remixes of "Tequila!" and "The Twist" excited the crowd, providing a collective anticipatory attention to the conductor nestled between the walls of blinding color. The custom DJ booth is a 3D rendition of a diamond structure made up of video panels outlined with 16 LED stage bars and accented by 16 LED moving spots. Wear your sunglasses at night?Absolutely. Nonstop, and pleasantly hypnotizing video designs compliment the music and are capable of creating multiple different moods throughout the night. Alex's ample energy and dedication on stage radiates back to the crowd through the production specially designed for your viewing pleasure. The vibe is heavy with the bass, but as bouncy as a kid in a candy store. At the end of it all, his shirt crash-landed in a moist pile, reflecting the effort put forth by the entire room so that we could all get down and dance. Keep your eyes on Paper Diamond this year; just don't forget to rock your shades too.

Get hyped for the night: download and give the tour mix a listen, brought to you by Paper Diamond's label, Mad Decent:

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