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Favorite ThisPapadosio / 9:30 Club (Washington, DC) / 9.22.12 [Review]

Published: September 26, 2012
By: Patrick Maguire

With the recent success of their third annual Rootwire festival, fusion act Papadosio has become a leading band in both the jam and electronic music scenes. They keep growing as a unit resulting in a superior quality of sound in their live sets.

Papadosio is currently touring on their T.E.T.I.O.S. (To End the Illusion of Separation) tour. The release date for the new album is set for October 16th.

Anthony Thogmartin of Papadosio greeted the crowd to kick off the night, “Thanks for showing up DC, seriously thank you guys!” before launching into a mesmerizing version of “Lack of Everything.”The first half of the song Papadosio kept it mellow before launching into an up-tempo stretch. The visuals that accompanied the song featured scenes from a ceremony that took place at Rootwire along with rather vivid colors. Anthony’s vocals sounded magnificent with powerful guitar riffs in accompaniment.

Papadosio got really groovy on “Utopiate.” The song featured rather funky electronic sounds before slowing it down for an entrancing melody.

“Puddles for Oceans” showcased Papadosio’s brotherhood as the band’s members could be heard singing in unison. 

Papadosio also performed one of their unreleased songs of the new album “The Sum.” 

One of the highlights of the show was when Papadosio performed “Method of Control.” This version of “Method” had Papadosio sounding extremely dub heavy. About halfway through the song a multitude of sensory soundswas launched before Papadosio threw down an eclectic bass sequence.

After an immense amount of excitement that was audible from fans Papadosio took back the stage and performed “Night Colors” for an encore. Lights flashed crazily in all directions as Papadosio gave the crowd a limitless amount of energy to finish off their performance.

The entire two plus hour performance by Papadosio showcased their psychedelic fusion of upbeat mystifying electronica with improvisational jam. The visual accompaniment provided an endless stream of mind-bending perceptions of an imaginable reality. What took the show to the next level were good vibes and high energy radiating from the fans in addition to the breathtaking performance put on by Papadosio. The T.E.T.I.O.S. tour is building the anticipation for the upcoming event Rootwire Presents: Earth Night 2012 with Papadosio, Emancipator, and Earth Cry in Columbus, Ohio on December 21st 2012.

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