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Favorite ThisOOAH & M!NT come together for house banger 'If The Smoke Clears'

Published: July 17, 2015

By: Parisa Eshrati

When great minds and talent come together, you can expect something brilliant to come of it. In this case, OOAH (The Glitch Mob, PANTyRAiD) and M!NT came together for an unplanned collaboration and co-created a bangin' new track.

"If the Smoke Clears" is a breaks-flavored house track with a darker, sullen overtone. The glitchy and distorted vocal samples, which reveal some hip-hop influence, alongside the swirling piano lines provide some nice depth and make the track a little more cerebral. It's hard to tell exactly who brought what into this collaboration, seeing as how it's exemplary of both of their styles and it just melds into one cohesive groove.

Ooah writes, however, that this was an in-the-moment sort of collaboration and they "didn't over think it or over cook it", so it was less about trying to showcase individual talents and moreso about just producing a really badass dance song. Overall, the outcome from these two is a really stellar house track with a crisp sound, and it's a perfect supplement to your current summer playlist.

Tags: BreaksHouse