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Favorite ThisThe Glitch Mob unveil 'Piece of the Indestructible' 3-track EP

Published: June 9, 2015

By: Mitchell Treend

We believe that music can act as armor against the dangers, trials, and ups and downs of life. Music can help you transcend limitations. It’s a concept that we have learned from you.

For a group of musicians as prolific as The Glitch Mob, new projects and releases are tough to keep under wraps. Surprise, surprise, we are thrilled to feature the brand new EP, Piece of the Indestructible out now for stream and download across social media platforms.

The Glitch Mob - Neil KrugThe introductory sentiment comes straight from the hearts of Edward Ma, Justin Boreta, and Josh Mayer (edIT, Boreta, and OOAH, respectively). As for any group of artists, maintaining creative consistency can become muddled in the rat race of commercial successes. Occasionally a bit of soul searching is required to realign perspective toward what is most important and valuable to the project and artists themselves. It seems The Glitch Mob have found a way to find a healthy balance between staying true to the sound they have pioneered and weaving something fresh for fans to enjoy. Music can help you transcend limitations, even when those limitations may be imposed by music itself.

The EP presents three tracks, each contained within an original idea. They hold their own story, their own life while drawing back to a common theme, sitting subtly below the surface.

Head Full of Shadows” is raucous. Sizzling with vibrant synths and up-tempo drums. “Better Hide, Better Run” features vocalist Mark Johns. This one is undeniably metal. The driving guitar and gritty synths are ecstatic. This will be one track to hope for at future Glitch Mob shows as a pinnacle experience.

Finally we have “The Clouds Breathe For You.” Soft, delicate but emotive, the plucked strings and ambient echo of pads are atmospheric. As a final installment to this EP, this track completes the experience, the signature of Glitch Mob productions, that sense of culmination and wholeness.

This is something truly exciting. Piece of the Indestructible is the best of all worlds and another representation of creativity breaking the bounds of structure and commercialization. Our ears applaud the efforts of The Glitch Mob and fans should take note of their own power to influence the creative spirits of artists everywhere.

Buy Piece of the Indestructible on iTunes NOW!

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