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Favorite ThisNoisia & Black Sun Empire - Hideous (Haywyre Remix)

Published: October 21, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

First Martin Vogt's computer shat the bed. Then school started. Ugh, education is the worst. These two tragic events were enough to put Haywyre's A Song Per Week project on hold, but we've been alerted that the embargo on new tunes has been lifted. ASPW is back, and our first installment is Vogt's entry in the Noisia and Black Sun Empire remix contest. His take on "Hideous" is anything but. His infectious, jazz-infused stylings are irresistible, as always, and if we had our way, he'd be declared the winner and the contest canceled without any further ado.


Tags: DowntempoDubstepGlitchHip HopBreaksDrum and BassHouse