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Favorite ThisNoer the Boy debuts moody 'Goodnight Oakland' from his Liquid Amber EP

Published: March 18, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

DJ Shadow's Liquid Amber label has become a haven for the Weird Bass superstars in our corner of the industry. He's given G Jones and Bleep Bloop an opportunity to let their freak flag fly, even jumping in on the fun with the former as Nite School Klik. Now, Shadow has his tastemaking eyes and ears set on a proper newcomer in Noer the Boy.

The midwesterner has been on the fringes of the avant garde bass realm, but the SPILLEDNOISE EP slated for a March 29th release is his big coming out party. Guesting on tracks with some talented figures in the scene, like Tsuruda and the late great Dr. Derg, this EP allows him to step out of the shadows (pun intended) and stake his claim in the cutting-edge subsonic scene.

Today's premiere, "Goodnight Oakland," doesn't carry any of the tongue-in-cheek, silly frills that some of his previous tunes or collabs or those of his contemporaries might have. This a dark and moody piece, full of s l o w e d down drum parts that sound like they were recorded in a molasses factory. Sticky, oozing, and bubbling over with a morbid undertone; this is a serious tune from a serious artist. Feels right at home in the next David Lynch project, same as it does in a sweaty, overfilled club.

Tags: Trap