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Favorite ThisNo Man Is An Island: Bassnectar's 'Bass Island' Preview

Published: August 10, 2011

Bass Island

This Saturday, arguably the biggest DJ/producer in the US hits New York's Governors Island for a celebration of peace, positivity, and--above all--bass. Lorin Ashton, better known as Bassnectar, is bringing his subsonic barrage to the Big Apple for an all-day blowout on Governors' South Field. He's coming off the triumphant release of his latest album Divergent Spectrum, which was met with great enthusiasm from fans and critics, alike, landing at the top of the iTunes electronic charts. For solo artists, it's easy for attention to become too focused upon the individual, but for Lorin, it's always been about community and his crew. This Bass Island bash is the culmination of endless hours of work by a giant, fun-loving staff, and will feature a number of artists besides Bassnectar that demand attention in their own right.

Ashton's amBASSadors have been feverishly preparing the island for the rabid influx of bassketeers. With a dark and devilish, circus-like setting in the works, surprises abound for fans of electronic music. On top of the environment, the crew is scurrying around making sure the audio and visual experience exceeds expectations. With towering speakers and a top-of-the-line lighting design rig, all signs point to this spectacle The typical Bassnectar show already possesses a buzzing intensity, with special plans in the works and a slew of top-rate openers, our concern goes out to the geological stability of the island with the weight of that much anticipation and excitement.

And what a line-up it is, boasting some of the biggest names and brightest up-and-comers from across the electronic music spectrum. From turntable wizards to low-key production gurus, the Bass Island lineup gives fans a lot to appreciate. Let's try and break it down for the uninitiated.

Of course, at the top of the bill you've got the dubstep maestro himself.  This brooding grinder exemplifies the purity of Bassnectar's sound, and the sheer power of his bass-infused tracks. 

You can download the track for free from's 2011 Digital Sampler by clicking

Bassnectar & Seth Drake - Above & Beyond

Battling Wiz Khalifa for the top spot on the "rappers who have a ton of cred in the indie, rock, and electronic worlds" list is Lupe Fiasco. Charting huge and thrilling fans, Fiasco has worked prolifically outside the hip-hop game, with artists and producers from across the industry. One of the best, A-Trak, brought him on for his cut "Mastered," sure to thrill Bassnectar fans who grew up on hip-hop, and love it even more because of him.

A-Trak feat. Lupe Fiasco - Mastered

The "godfather of mash-ups" himself is featured on this star-studded bill. DJ Z-Trip has been a pioneer in the game forever. One of the premier turntablists on the scene, Z-Trip's precision and ability to rock any sort of party have made him one of the most sought after performers in all of electronic music. Mash-ups may be his thing, but his technical proficiency is sure to drop jaws across the island.

Z-Trip - Bring the Justice (Chuck D & Justice)

Ashton is known for bringing around his idols as much possible. There is hardly a producer making beats in today's electronic music landscape that doesn't consider Prefuse 73 a major influence on their sound. From pioneering the world of glitch-hop, to downtempo and jazz-infused beats, Scott Herren has been a beacon for young and old producers alike. He isn't too heady or esoteric to party, though!

Prefuse 73 - Choking You

Speaking of young producers, Henry Allen and Preston Walker were just a couple of freshmen in an electronic music class at Chapman University in southern California, when glitch guru Steve Nalepa showed them the ropes. By the time the duo finished their projects for school, they realized they had stumbled upon a style and production technique that could take them far beyond the classroom. Virtual Boy gives the duo an outlet for their fiery productions in an all-out sweat-a-thon of a live set. Always banging on a laptop or synth, these keyboard composers have found their sound, and are out to make you dance.

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly (Virtual Boy Remix)

In staying with Bassnectar's theme of originators, he's brought Dave Nada onto the bill. While DJ'ing a junior high party in his hometown of D.C., Nada slowed down a Dutch house track to 108BPM, and "moombahton" was born. This craze that is sweeping the States and across the pond has brought much renown, and deserved attention to the DJ. Don't be caught off guard by the subtlety of this Delorean remix, his shows are heaters.

Delorean - Stay Close (Dave Nada Moombahton Remix)

Rounding out the bill is Bulgarian native Joro-Boro. Bassnectar showed some Balkan love with his remix of Gogol Bordello's "Immigraniada" on his most recent album. Joro-Boro mixes contemporary electronic music styles with the traditional folk tunes and Euro-pop of his homeland. There's no real way to peg down his sound, but that's the least of your concerns when you're getting down like a madman.

Joro-Boro - Playa Kolo


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