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Favorite ThisNew Perkulat0r EP is anything BUT Abysmal. OK it is, get it.

Published: February 18, 2016

By: Bo Nuanual

Holy fuck! Tell your boss or lover you need to take an immediate shit or piss and need a private moment. Something like, “Sorry can’t talk right now - hold that thought!” Get yourself into a private spot and lock the door. Maybe that conversation continues, “Sorry baby/Sorry boss, I’m not lying to you about this shit I promise! I am a good kid I promise; seriously! I’m not about to do something behind your back in the bathroom. I wouldn’t dare do something real and beneficial towards my soul as opposed to helping you destroy this planet for a wage."

In the grand scheme of things, what truly matters and actually might have a positive impact on your soul as opposed to the alternate choice of slowly slipping towards darkness - taking a peek or a week at Perkulat0r’s brand spanking new debut EP entitled ABYSMAL. I love the fuck out of the newest force on the scene we all have the privilege and chance to check out.

Perkulat0r’s EP drop, ABYSMAL, just literally took me from an energy level of weak sauce 2.5 to the much respected and helpful 10 spot. With a little bit of simple reflection combined with the necessary yet sadly infrequent intelligent state regulation, you can totally find a few good ideas and reasons as to why the newest member to join Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan label chose his radical stage name – Perkulat0r. It's especially fun to say out loud. Try it.

Jam your earbuds into your nog and your government tracking-ish device (AKA: that in-debt but ungratefully educated phone) and share the newest secret outta one of the chilliest spots on the globe sometimes referred to as Vancouver, BC. When those absolutely choice synth voices hit your brain while dancing upon tastefully Zen baselines – you will start to feel the empowering presence of the Perkulat0r. Harbor it in your soul.

This fresh EP drop has wild legs. It sounds too good to be ignored and I am telling you straight up – Perkulat0r is making waves. Expect two more volumes in this EP series from Wakaan this year!

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