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Favorite Thisnervous_testpilot floats onto our radar with 'Stealth Surface'

Published: March 30, 2021

By: Jonathan Gross

nervous_testpilot - Information TechnologyThe best thing about Billegal Beats is that even when the IDM label discovers a new artist, there's a chance they've been building an arsenal of tunes quietly somewhere halfway around the world, and now their entire catalog is your oyster.

That can be said of the mysterious producer nervous_testpilot, who is not only working in the indie game space, but also has two full-bodied projects, including the chiptune alter ego, ensnare.

With about a dozen singles and EPs already in the bag, nervous_testpilot found his way to Mr. Bill's downtempo, glitch, and IDM label with Information Technology. Out April 9th, the four-track EP provides a number of different facets for us to examine under a microscope, though we know very little about its progenitor. “Stealth Surface,” with its burbling percussion and haunting melodies, was our choice for premiere today, but we could have easily gone for one of the other songs.

Which brings me to my main point. If you are a fan of what you hear, not only should you get the EP next week, but also dive into the bursting BandCamp page that already contains so much more fascinating electronica.

Pre-order nervous_testpilot's Information Technology from Billegal Beats

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