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Favorite ThisNattys Thanksgiving Thanks of The Week

Published: November 24, 2011

By: Natty Morrison

Gobble, gobble, gobble, everyone. In the spirit of the holidays, I thought I’d take some time from your regularly scheduled Christmas planning to remind us all that Thanksgiving is indeed upon us. And it’s at this time that we like to discuss all the things we’re thankful for. So this week I thought I’d do something a little different. This week I present to you: Natty’s Thanksgiving Thanks of The Week. It’s a working title.

1. GRiZ

Since first catching this young phenom at the Blastoff Festival back in July, Grant Griz’s stock in the electronic music community has skyrocketed. With hit tracks like “Better Than I’ve Ever Been,” “iLL Type Moves” and his shifty, passionate remix of “Rolling in the Deep” GRiZ has found his way to the top of Soundcloud’ s Hot List time and time again. To him I grant a healthy portion of mashed potatoes, to provide him with the carbohydrates he’ll need to keep up this frantic and triumphant pace.

2. Deepblip Records

I’m a Michigan man. I may have grown up in Indiana, but I was born in Detroit and the state is stacked with family. In short, I will always feel at home in the Mitten. Maybe it’s the crisp Great Lakes air; maybe it’s the boys in Maize and Blue in Ann Arbor; maybe it’s the apples, the delicious, delicious apples. Or maybe it’s just the surge of fractured, experimental beat music that’s been emanating from the Wolverine State. With a sound rivaling the west coast for Headnods Per Hour (HPH), Ann Arbor’s Deepblip Records is a label stacked to the brim with genre-pushing artists like Shadow Attack, Freddy Todd, GRiZ,, and Jaws That Bite. To them, I grant the whole freaking turkey, so they can feed all these hungry, groundbreaking acts.

3. NiT GRiT

Some people have suggested that I simply love lowercase “I”s but that’s only half the truth. Danny Beall, (aka NiT Grit) has been my go-to producer for the past two years. That’s because he’s been one of the few dubstep DJs able to aptly straddle the line between old school dub and new school laser bass. Seeing him in Chicago a few months back was easily one of my favorite musical experiences in the past 12 months. To him I grant a piece of delicious pumpkin pie, because his music is so fucking sweet.

4. Radiohead

Not only has Radiohead consistently put out the most innovative and beautifully disturbing music in the past 15 years, but to me they also represent the ever-important and expansive possibilities when electronic music and indie-rock fuse as one. Bands like Twin Shadow, M83, Hot Chip and the late, great LCD Soundsystem have proven that dance music can do more than just move people on the dance floor. To them I grant a slice of cranberry sauce, because it seems the most vaguely hipster.

5. The Untz

I don’t mean to get corny, but getting to write for The has been a dream come true for over two years. Not just because I get to shoot my mouth off a weekly basis, but because it’s taught me to truly understand the music that I can say without doubt I truly love. A special thanks to Editor-in-Chief Anand Harsh for his tireless efforts getting all the content out the wonderful masses, as well as site founders Avi Gallant and Matt Thomas for making it all possible. I’m truly grateful to work with you guys. To them I grant them endless stuffing, for being the part that makes it all worth it.

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