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Favorite ThisNatty's Picks of The Week - Volume 29

Published: August 18, 2011

By: Natty Morrison

As summer drags into fall, I’ve been watching the campus fill up with new, young freshman who have never been audibly assaulted by the dubstep exploding from my car speakers. "Hey, you in the green shirt. Wanna listen to some dubstep? Wait, where are you going? Did I mention I have dubstep?"

1. "The Werewolf" - Figure

I had the pleasure of catching this Louisville-based producer late night after ID Fest in Indianapolis, and he quickly jumped into my top 5 sets from the entire day. He likes to use creepy samples from old horror flicks, and the result is terrifying. Terrifying and super awesome, that is.


2. "Who Da Boss?" - Mochipet

One of the wackiest, most promising DJs out today returns with a song that is both devastatingly heavy and absolutely hilarious. A perfect combination. But seriously, who’s the boss? I never figured it out from that show.


3. "Ready or Not (Dubstep Remix)" - BLiNX

The Fugees are one of my favorite hip-hop groups, and the combination of Lauren Hill’s crazy beautiful voice and these crazy glitchy breakdowns makes this tune almost as crazy as crazy Lauren Hill.


4. "Gangsta" - tUnE yArDs (Ad Rock Remix)

Are you kidding me?! My favorite Beastie Boy remixes my favorite one-woman band. For those of you who don’t know tUnE yArDs, do yourself a favor and go pick up W H O K I L L, her newest disc; it’s quite literally the most impressive release I’ve heard in recent memory. And for those of you who don’t know Ad Rock, do yourself a favor and punch your own genitalia for five minutes straight while listening to "Check Your Head." Idiot.


5. "Gangsta" - tUnE yArDs

For good measure. Check it and enjoy.

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