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Favorite ThisNatty's Picks of the Week - Volume 21

Published: June 1, 2011

By: Natty Morrison

I can always tell summer has officially arrived  in a couple ways: 1) My pale white skin stands out more so than usual. 2) My beard becomes scratchier than Ted Nugent’s feverish cat.  And 3) “Directions to Chillicothe, Illinois” is saved into my internet favorites toolbar.  That’s right, Summer Camp Music Festival has officially arrived once again, and The Untz crew will be there, covering all things electronic at one of the Midwest’s premiere summer shindigs.  So this week, I thought I’d give you all a taste of what’s to come.  Oh god…it’s so hot.  Where’s my giant sun hat?  I didn’t bring it? NOOOOOOOOOO!

1.     1. So Precise” - Paper Diamond

I had been hearing the name Paper Diamond for some time floating around the electronic scene, but truth be told I had no idea it was the project of the always-fabulous Alex B.  Moving away from the live electronic genre of previous projects like Pnuma Trio, this outrageous banger is off of his new LP, and I am just enthralled by the crystal-like shimmer of sounds on this track.  (Note to self: Stop forgetting to check if DJs are Alex B.  My guess is a lot of them are.)

2.     2. “Our Last Stand” - Daedelus

Born Alfred Darlington, Daedelus specializes in a brand of music he deems as “romantic,” and I find that to be strangely fitting.  The messy jazz cuts are heavy on groove and ambience, but always manage to build to a head.  Now if only my relationships could do the same!  Zing!  Wait, that came out wrong.

3.     3. Lies X3” - Keys N Krates

Remixes can be a tough spot for DJs.  On one hand, you want to make your own voice heard, but on the other hand, you want to preserve the original track as best you can.  You have to pick and choose your spots, figure out the best way to utilize the raw material to make something that is both your own and still very much the original artist’s.  Toronto’s Keys N Krates seem to have that down to a science.  A very strange and quirky science, but a science nonetheless.  Kind of like quantum physics, or knowing the very second to press “END” on the microwave before you hear that little “Ding!”

4.     4. “Air Jaws” - DJ Thibault

Terrifying song name, terrifyingly great sound. This Austin, Texas artist’s bass blasts and drum throbs are only bested by his beard length, and even that is a close call.  Be sure not to miss the incredible dance party hosted by the one and only DJ Thibault, coming soon to a Summer Camp near you.

5.     5. “Songs to Play” -  .bassiq.

I generally make it my rule on Natty’s Picks of the Week not to feature DJ’s mixes.  I prefer tracks, because otherwise it can give one artist an edge over the other. And the whole point of my picks are to get you the music I think you need to hear as quickly and painlessly as possible.  But I simply had to make an exception this week.  Bassiq (aka John Warner) is not only one of my favorite Midwest DJs, but he’s been gracious enough to come up to Chillicothe this weekend to help us run the Untz tent, which will provide a space for exclusive interviews, meet and greets, swag and maybe even some impromptu live sets.  So check out this cranium-shaking minimix from the fantastic .bassiq, and remember to swing by the Untz tent, located conveniently next to the Vibe Tent all weekend.

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