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Favorite ThisMuti Music Artist Sampler: Blockbuster tracks from great producers

Published: February 7, 2012

Defining themselves as producers of dynamic new sounds from urban futurist culture, Muti Music has been pushing the boundaries of EDM since their founding in 2002. Muti was born in the hazy land of San Francisco, an area recognized for its innovative trends in arts and technology, advances that have given rise to the emergence of new genres of bass music for which the city is now adored.

Muti Music was founded by Dov Bruyns, an industry vanguard noted for his production and distribution of electronic music in the Bay Area since 1996. Founding his own imprint in 2002, Dov has used Muti Music to continuously influence the evolution of the music and artists that make up West Coast sound. As a tribal futurist himself, Dov serves as a guide for the course of Muti and the electronic music scene of San Francisco.

Muti comes from the Bantu word for ‘tree’ or ‘herbal medicine,’ and the label’s name is reflected in its rich, organic sound. Many noteworthy artists have found a home with Muti, including Ana Sia, FreQ Nasty, MiM0SA, Samples, and Opiuo. The ‘herbal medicine’ offered by the sounds of Muti Music has proven to draw in artists from around the world. This fresh, dynamic label has been a key promoter in the minds of both domestic and international EDM producers. With the unfolding of electronic music taking place at a rapid rate, the innovative minds behind Muti Music realize their important role in the future of urban music culture, now more than ever.

Ana Sia - International Profile

An-ten-nae - Machine Rise Dub (Acid Crunk EP 8)

David Starfire - Shapeshifter (Acid Crunk Vol. 4)

Heyoka - Circus Freak (Intergalactic Carnival)

ill-esha - The Golden Mean (Reverie)

 ill.Gates, Opiuo & Vent - TriLLogy (The Ill.Methodology)

Knight Riderz - Reign In The Clouds (12th Dimension)

Knowa Knonwone - Fire On The Roof (Sound Paintings)

Mimosa - Sideways (Silver Lining)

Nanda - My Offering To You (Cry of the Ages)

niCo luMinouS - LOVE STAR

Son of Kick - From Here

Stephan Jacobs & Love and Light - Thats So Cali (143)

Swordfight (Sugarpill & ChrisB.) - We Will Never Know


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