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Favorite ThisMochipet - Psilocybin Samurai [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: February 3, 2015

By: Jacki Horne

Psilocybin is the hallucinogenic component found in magic mushrooms; a samurai is a Japanese warrior, and Mochipet’s newest release Psilocybin Samurai has made him a psychedelic champion of heavy bass, trippy glitch, and exotic sampling.

The bass-centric four-track release takes the listener on a high-energy adventure through sound. Packed with hyphy tempos and aggressive basslines, Psilocybin Samurai will make anybody want to get weird on the dance floor.

Psilocybin Samurai is a kaleidoscope that David Wang crafted for your ears, and then graciously made available for free. Make sure to indulge your auditory sense and intellect by giving this mind-expanding release a download.

You can catch Mochipet doing a special "versus" set with The Flying Skulls at Gem and Jam Festival in Tucson, AZ this weekend (February 6-8).

Tags: DubstepGlitchHip Hop