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Favorite ThisMochipet: Godzilla Rehab Center

Published: September 6, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

When your album is entitled Godzilla Rehab Center, there are some questions we have to ask right off the bat. Is this rehab center for Godzilla himself, like some form of self-reflection he must attend after inflicting endless amounts of tyranny, or is it for the victims who have experienced firsthand the beast’s ruthless demeanor? Option C is he went through some shit, donated some money, bada-bing bada-boom, they name a wing of the monster hospital after him.
While we’re still a bit unclear on this exact matter, we know one thing is clear, Mochipet has been laying down his own form of chaos as of late, and it stems from every ruthless track he unleashes from his coldblooded arsenal of mind warping brilliance. Alright, maybe we’re being a little hard on him with the Godzilla comparisons, I mean he does look at peace in all his pictures, but when you continually rock venues in a purple dino costume and bust out savage tunes, some resemblance must be drawn.
So back to the aforementioned Godzilla Rehab Center: an earth-rattling tale of gargantuan proportions brought to us by Taiwanese producer David Y Wang, you interested yet?
Kicking things off is “Gigan,” which bursts open the musical floodgates with an endless supply of riveting synth lines and trenchant drum patterns; an ambitious track that will quickly let any listener know they have tuned into something out of this world. We guarantee you’ll be abusing the replay button on this one, but don’t forget there is so much more to come.
“King Ghidorah” takes things to uncharted tracks, on a charismatic anthem that strikes up an impunitive balance between dub, glitch, and dare we even say heavy metal. This combo works like a charm, and helps create madness at every corner of this magical tune.
“The Cosmos” is a synth blaring banger that revs up its engine with a series of charismatic dub womps, and an 80’s metal swagger to it. One of those cuts that really fits into no single genre, and lawlessly snags influence from musical time periods all across the board.
Godzilla Rehab Center is a powerful release from a bright young artist that knows no limits, and laughs in the face of boundaries. To be honest you might be the one that needs rehab after “Gigan” your way through this release, Godzilla pun intended.