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Favorite ThisMimosa returns to form with 'Delusion of Grandeur' [False Idol Muzik]

Published: September 1, 2015

By: Mitchell Treend

Let's reminisce about the days when heady bass music bubbled to the surface and Tigran Mkhitaryan was in the midst of an unraveling tale of the future of electronic music. Now, neck deep in that future, amidst public criticism and the struggle to integrate relevancy into a passion for the obscure, MiM0SA and False Idol Muzik have, in my humble opinion, reached a satisfying agreement between relevant trends and weird-purple bass that fans could have only wet dreamed about.

MimosaThe brand new album from Mimosa, Delusion of Grandeur, delivers a hype set of brand new trap and trill tunes aimed at revisiting some of the vibes we fell in love with in Hostilis so many years ago. Every artist reaches that point where he or she must struggle to reinvent their sound; in Mimosa’s case the struggle came with some backlash. Alleviating that backlash was a true attempt at bridging the gap between old and new, creating something fresh and original with a nod to the foundation of his success.

The 10-track album is gritty in all the right places. It hits low while alluring melodies drag you up into a soothing stupor of relaxation. Without hitting on too many redundancies, what I appreciate most about this album is its ability to integrate a feeling of nostalgia with a respectably fresh originality. Regardless of the past, or the future for that matter, the truth in good music stands on its own foundation. To see for yourself, head on over to Soundcloud, Facebook, or the False Idol Muzik webpage to preview the album in its entirety and take a dip in the purple waters of the man they call Mimosa.

Tigran takes to the road to celebrate the release of his new album, hitting the southeast hard this week beginning on Thursday.

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