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Favorite ThisLucent Dossier Experience slideshow + review / Fonda Theatre (Los Angeles, CA) / Dec 21, 2013

Published: January 2, 2014
Story by: Charles Walker
Photos by: Kristen Woo

Los Angeles is a Mecca of diversity. Creativity, failures, freedoms, and successes make it a city bursting with a multitude of continuous energy that leads you down a dozen different paths of mystery and wonder. This is how I discovered the Lucent Dossier Experience back in 2011, and why I have not stopped discovering them.
This is the beginning of one soul's explanation as to why I continue to enjoy seeing and supporting the ideas and visions of Dream Rockwell and her talented, unique, and evolving theater troupe. And this time, it was the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood that would serve as the rabbit hole for the evening, which happened to fall on the darkest night of the year. The night was properly titled “Solstice of the Dreamers.”
From harness-less aerial artists flying gracefully above the stage and crowd, to sometimes busy but purposefully choreographed movements happening around below, The Lucent Dossier Experience tickles all of one's senses. Throughout the evening, as guests were left captivated by the thick bass and electronic music, the wonderful characters and bizarre stage performance, there was a true sense of freedom, joy, fright, and love as us dreamers in the room were helping keep the story of Lucent alive and bright.
As the world-renowned performance troupe gathered together on stage at the end of their performance, it was Dream Rockwell who introduced those who enchanted the dream state of the night, and followed with an energetic yet heartfelt thank you for all who attended and supported.
It was enough to keep me dreaming, believing in magic, and having a deeper respect for the power of music and arts.  And just like that, into the streets in the darkest of the night, I wandered away. I left captivated. Completely motivated to create and discover.