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Favorite ThisLotus Slideshow + Review / Boulder Theater (Boulder, CO) / 4-4-2013 - 4-6-2013

Published: April 15, 2013
Photos and story: Jesse Borrell (

"After 10 weeks of touring and 47 shows it feels great to stop moving for a minute,” bassist Jesse Miller says sitting comfortably within the confines of his Philadelphia apartment. “But, that said, finishing off the tour with a week of sold out shows in Colorado and our first 3-night stand ever was amazing.”
The vibe was mellow and somewhat restrained walking downstairs to the green room at The Boulder Theater. Guitarist Mike Rempel spoke of the challenges of “bringing something new” to the table over the course of a 3-night run. This moment of humility was cut short by the 5-minute band call, but it wasn’t 15 minutes later till Rempel laid down fire from his fingertips and the band was off.
What culminated could almost be called predictable: each evening was special in many ways and the band nailed the storyline arc in dramatic fashion. The shows were “sold out,” but a generous amount of dance space was available to all. The band sampled a wide-range of their catalogue and evolved towards more heavy exploration by Saturday night. Both the after parties and the after shows lasted till sunrise. Even the hangovers were clutch, hanging around only through the first couple songs.
“With so many friends and family in Colorado it felt like I was going home a week before I actually got to my own bed,” Jesse adds. “The energy at the Boulder Theater shows was through the roof and that pushed the band to play--what I thought--was some of the most inspired and creative music we had played all year. What a great note to end the tour on."
After a short 2-night run at Pittsburgh’s Mr. Smalls  in June, Lotus is scheduled to play at Electric Forest in Rothbury and Camp Bisco, all before returning to Japan for the famed Fuji Rock Music Festival in July. On September 13th, Lotus returns to Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheater to perform with BoomBox, Break Science, and Minnesota.
Check out NOCOAST’s recent music video for Lotus’ studio track “Kodiak,” live at Red Rocks:
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