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Favorite ThisLotus electrifies Chicago's Vic Theatre in the wake of the Cubbies' win

Published: December 1, 2016

Photos by: Cory Giacalone (Jackafunk Photography)

Story by: Trishia Sheehan

The city of Chicago was electrified after the Cubs World Series parade on Friday, November 4th, 2016. The Vic Theatre was buzzing outside with fans and locals alike having an amazing time celebrating the Cubbies victory and anticipating two nights of Lotus. The Vic Theatre is a beautiful, old-school venue with easy access from the CTA and ample parking available right across the street. The Vic Theatre often allows anyone over 18 years old to enjoy the live music which brings a diverse crowd. The balcony seating offers concert goers the opportunity to view the show from an amazing angle.

Inside the venue fans anticipated the opening act Spafford—many seeing them for the first time ever that night. They brought their high energy jams like “Electric Taco Stand” and “Weasel” to the stage and got everyone dancing and smiling. Spafford really got the crowd pumped for Lotus and gained many new fans that evening.

After a short intermission Lotus brought their stellar light show and jams to the stage. Building up the energy in the venue to epic proportions. They played a lot of fan favorites in the first set and had everyone entranced in the music and lights. They brought out one of their new jams “I’ve Been A Fool” from their recent release Eat the Light, which features vocals for the first time in the band’s career. After several more killer jams including “Sleep When We’re Dead” the first set ended and the venue buzzed as the fans connected with each other and shared their stories about the parade and the Chicago Cubs victory and their amazement at the opening act Spafford.

Lotus returned to the stage and continued their electrified jams and psychedelic light show. Bringing another new jam to the stage with “Eats the Light” and some fan favorites including “Blender,” “Marisol,” and “Wax.” The sound in the venue was amazing whether you chose to view from the balcony or the front row. The view from the balcony allowed you to see the crowd and band and take in the amazing light show. Lotus continued to jam all of the fans favorites and by the end of the evening the crowd was pumped from the show. The concert goers spilled out of the venue and filled the sidewalks as people buzzed about and shared smiles and hugs. Some making plans to return the following evening for another night of Lotus. What an amazing start to a weekend in Chicago and a two night run of Lotus at The Vic Theatre!

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