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Favorite ThisLooking for Bumps? (Volume 7)

Published: September 4, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Welcome to Looking for Bumps; a weekly series hosted by The Untz that will bring listeners more content, and do it consistently so you will always have a place to find fresh new tracks. The series will feature new songs and previews of forthcoming releases while encompassing genres all across bass culture, with the desire to provide something for everyone, all the time.

Dillon Francis continues to be a huge supporter of what seems to be the most crucial issue in 2012: DJ Awareness. Usually he does this by passing out tacos on the streets of Los Angeles, but is even known to put out songs on occasion. “Finale” is one of his most exciting remixes to date, and is a pumped up anthem featuring high flying synths and a bouncy feel throughout.

This one is a little different from what we usually feature on Looking for Bumps, but is a tantalizing track that will titillate the ears of any listener. Bronze Whale takes on a classic Skream track with the help of Kandace Ferrel, and creates a chilling song that could make you jump for joy, or even shed a quick tear from the sheer emotion it provides. A dash of Purity Ring, a hint of The Weeknd, a healthy serving of Skream, and a whole lot of Bronze Whale.

Trying to decide which version of this song to post was a tough decision, since they are all so gripping in their own right. Neutralize let loose the drum ‘n’ bass, Cross Them Out provided the chillstep, while Culture Code brought some upbeat womps to the table. The cut features electrifying vocal progressions layered over a powerful backdrop, and creates a magical track that will stick in your head for days.

This one goes out to all the EDM followers who like extended build-ups, huge house tunes, and bright drums hits. Smalls & Kane provide all those things on “Ignite The Coast;” a blissful gem that continues to get better as it progresses, and really hits its stride around four minutes. Watch out for these two, because they keep doing big things with every anthemic track they unleash.

This slump stems from Chrissy Murderbot’s new side project chris e. pants, and is a bumpin, bass lickin’ slow jam with a dance worthy disco feel. Powerful live instrumentations pave the way for this addictive tune, and we can promise you’ll have a smile on your face by the time this bad boy fully kicks in. How can you not like a song that repeats the phrase “I wanna hit it doggy style?”

Steerner and Tjernberg⎯two up and coming Swedish producers who have an incredibly bright future ahead of them, as they continue to bust out rampant bangers like hot cakes. Their newest colab takes on a well-known song from the boys of Dada Life, and pumps it full of progressive synth lines and trenchant drops that will wake up any dance floor. Bump this on some big ass speakers, and watch as your friends go crazy.

Comic Strips recently released his set from Shambhala; a mouth watering compilation of all original and remixed tracks from the burgeoning young gun that has us kicking ourselves for missing this. The up and coming producer has already unloaded a solid collection of charismatic tunes on the world, but from checking out this 90 minute mix, it appears the best is yet to come for homie G. Not to give anything a way, but is that “Toy Piano,” a remix of “Spectrum,” and “Voodoo Chile” we hear?

Mat Zo is easily one of the most prolific up and coming producers in the world of trance, as he continues to regale the ears of listener’s with his ambitious and healing sound. His recent video tells an inspiring and vivid story, as a team of fearless daredevils take to the skies in their squirrel suits. Trance tunes and some remarkable footage⎯what more could you ask for?

So we’ve thrown you into a state of trance with the last tune, and feel it would be rude to pop you out just yet. Next up on your compelling journey is Tritonal’s most recent revamp, which gracefully gives a whole new meaning to “Wake Your Mind.” Ubiquitous synth lines and heavenly vocal chords combine like Jack and Coke throughout, and makes lines like “Is this is the feeling, this is the breakout” even more memorable.

Go ahead and hate on Skrillex as much as you want, but when his label is busting out unforgettable tracks at lightening speed, there really isn’t much to say. Dream, Jack Beats, Dog Blood, Hundred Waters, and up next: KOAN Sound. The teaser features a collection of funky new tunes from The Adventures of Mr Fox, set for release on September 4th, as these two continue to unveil their poignant and relentless style of EDM.

Boobies, beats, and bass lines; a fitting combination that serve as the perfect backdrop for this sensational tune. “Follow You” is sure to become one of the biggest anthems of 2012, as tenacious vocals from Ms. Wynter Gordon and eclectic instrumentations from Deniz Koyu work together to create magic. One of those impressionable cuts that seems to grip your soul from start to finish, while creating a sense of purpose and peace within any listener; “I will, I will, I will be with you. I will follow you anywhere.” So you’ve survived another week of Looking for Bumps, and now have a collection of gigantic new tracks to help you forget summer is coming to an end. Tell us what you thought about this week’s picks, and let us know your favorites.

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