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Favorite ThisLittle People: Unreleased Bits & Pieces pt. 2 Review

Published: September 5, 2012
By: Gracie Roberts
It’s here! It’s here! The day that Little People fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. On August 16, Laurent Clerc a.k.a. Little People released the second installment of his collection of music that had remained underground for quite a while. Clerc claims that much of his unreleased material has waited to see the light of day because of uncleared samples featured in the tracks. However, Little People has been rocking crowds in his live shows with this material for a while, and now, it’s available for listening at one’s own convenience.
Little People has been in the music business since 2006, when he released his first album, Mickey Mouse Operation. Clerc describes his sound as “cut and paste instrumental hip hop with a few bleeps and bloops in between.” His first album gained massive success from fans of downtempo and trip-hop, and in the years that have passed, they have hungrily been waiting for more of his golden sound. Unreleased Bits & Pieces pt. 1 was made available in July, and with its second counterpart, Little People’s complete musical reserve can be enjoyed as a whole.
The EP’s first track, “This Music Is Not My Own,” begins with a curious cycling sample. On his website, Little People goes into detail describing the track, saying it is “in the vein of Steinski’s lessons.” The early 1980s hip-hop duo that Clerc is referring to was also into creating musical collages that were sample-based. Branching off of their style, Little People is proud to present a cut-and-paste sound that fits right in with 21st-century EDM styles. Big horns and deep bass accompany the many samples that are featured in this track, giving it a vibrant and spacious sound.
Little People remixes two of his older well-known tracks in Unreleased Bits & Pieces pt. 2, including “Start Shootin’,” the EP’s second track. In Clerc’s Americana remix of the track, the original beat is transformed into one that is syncopated and tranquilized. Light, acoustic guitar replaces the darker sound that is present in the original version of the track. Moving on to Little People’s Western Lies remix of “Moon”, one can see that Laurent Clerc has had a lot of fun in reinventing his own material. Whereas the Mickey Mouse Operation version of the track is quite downtempo, Clerc throws in a funky, fresh element to his Western Lies rendering of the piece. New life is breathed into the track with airy female vocals and wobbly synth lines that remain present throughout the entirety of “Moon.”
“4 and 8,” an original track from Little People, returns to the ambient style that Clerc’s fans appreciate. In between the “bleeps and bloops,” Little People loves to charm his audiences with delicate, floating sounds that never fail to receive high praise. A subtle saxophone can be heard in “4 and 8,” carrying an exquisite melody that adds to the sensual feel of this passionate piece.
Branching out a bit, Little People concludes Unreleased Bits & Pieces pt. 2 with a remix of Joey Fehrenbach’s “Underwander.” The renovation of this track showcases Clerc’s knack for creating top-notch trip hop sound, as the sound of “Underwander” is completely transformed by the inclusion of Little People’s punchy beat. Going from a mellowed-out sound to one that makes one dance without a second thought, Little People’s spin on Fehrenbach’s track is one to be noted.
Unreleased Bits & Pieces pt. 2 is just a taste of what’s to come for Laurent Clerc. There is talk about a full album being released sometime during the fall, and now, fans will have to hold their breath for some more of the Little People magic. As evidenced by this new release, good things come to those who wait.

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