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Favorite ThisListening to the new Haywyre album Two Fold will be the highlight of your day

Published: April 7, 2014
By: Chelsea Bray

If you’ve never heard of Haywyre, you need to find new friends. A real friend would have whupped you upside the head and shared the spectacular sounds of Martin Vogt with you, already.

Bringing raw talent to the electronic music world, Vogt’s jazz and classical influences come alive in this new album. It's the culmination of years of dedication to the craft, slowly and cautiously building into this collection (only half-completed we curse under our collectively held breaths), that unfurls into this banner of pure unadulterated delight.

Having studied piano since the age of six, Haywyre found a way to weave years of theory and hours of listening to and learning from the greats into the rich sonic tapestry that comprises his wholly unique take. Just the first half of a masterpiece, the highly anticipated Two Fold: Pt 1 release showcases his philosophy of the importance of not only sound, but the absence of it.

The calm before the storm, “Prologue (Part One)”, introduces Haywyre before he starts exploding with glitch-hop goodness. “The Schism” is an exercise in patience—meandering melodies shift and reassemble until the bass kicks into unpredictible action. An album favorite, if such a thing demands choosing, would have to be “Doppelgänger” which demonstrates his hip-hop sensibilities, along with a whimsical vibe, perfect for any playlist.

Many favorites from the #ASongPerWeek project make appearances on the album. Old friends you hardly recognize because they sound so different when they're hanging out with their new ones. Such calculation went into finding each its new home.

The album's closer, “Voice of Reason,” produced by both Haywyre and newcomer on our radar Galimatias, puts an ellipses on the album with just the right amount of sultry, feel-good thump to leave the listener craving the completion of Two Fold.

Martin Vogt is starting to pull away from the pack. The training, the sweat, the dogmatic devotion to finding his own path; so many people in the scene saw the writing on the wall. Haywyre is sitting on something special. We're just left licking our lips.

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