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Favorite ThisLiquid Stranger hurtles into outer space on The Renegade Crusade EP [Out 4/15 on Interchill]

Published: April 15, 2014
By: Anand Harsh

Hurtling beyond the binds of earthly orbit, Martin Stääf explores the deep, dark unknown on The Renegade Crusade, the brand new EP out today (April 15) on Interchill. Tumbling effortlessly in zero-g, the latest Liquid Stranger release is a launchpad for the imagination, a slingshot firing a myriad of morphing scenes behind closed eyelids.

The enveloping richness of openers "Spawn" and "The Gargon" wrap their cooly gelatinous tentacles around your body, pulling you into the teeming metropolitan ecosystem of snarls and whispers. The opulent layers of effects pulse and move like the otherwordly manifestations of Andy Thomas for the latter's video (below).

"The Molecule Man" possesses the most classical Stääf vibe, with its dubby swagger and eerie samples. A throwback dubstep pulser, the Liquid Stranger fan is teased with a groove that's only heavy on the tenderness.

The fact that Stääf is able to develop such an insanely over-the-top stage show, complete with banging beats and neck-snapping drops, and yet return to such an introspective center in the studio is a testament to the balance the electronic music industry craves--and can seemingly never reach.

"Brace For Impact" with Honeycomb and Saratonin flips the script upon itself, once again, taking a beatboxed, almost Rahzel-ragga complex and throwing in luscious vocals. A standout track on the offering.

Closer "Dreamer Deluxe" featuring the talents of Razza puts us back on that chrome spacecraft, floating out past the asteroid belt, with no destination, and no needs. Weightless and unencumbered, we slowly turn and take it all in. The crusade continues; forever and ever we drift.

It's not so much the delicate touch behind the controls we admire, though it is endlessly admirable, but the raw equilibrium is unmatched. Liquid Stranger is our pilot, and we trust him implicitly.

Tags: DowntempoDubstepElectroLivetronicaPsytrance