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Favorite ThisLiquid Stranger debuts Sounds of Wakaan Vol 1 hourlong mix [PREMIERE]

Published: November 25, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

Liquid StrangerWhen Martin Stääf revealed he was starting his own label, Wakaan, we said to ourselves, "Righteous, even more Liquid Stranger material!" But the even better news is, the Swedish-born, Scottsdale-based producer and performer of all things subsonic is using his considerable industry clout and veteran status to showcase the sounds and styles of up-and-comers in the game, and the bestest news of all: he's got damn good taste.

Today, Liquid Stranger unleashes his Sounds of Wakaan Vol 1 mix, which illustrates the type of sonic architecture Stääf is aiming for with his label. While these tracks won't show up on Wakaan, and perhaps not all of these artists, he's not not saying that they won't... That pleases us to no end, because there's no shortage of incredible acts (and UNTZ faves) on this mix like Mr. Bill, Desert Dwellers, and plenty of Space Jesus. Newcomers like Esseks and Perkulat0r get lots of love, and there's even a fun joint from Big Chocolate.

What's the sound Liquid Stranger is aiming for with Wakaan? Cutting-edge dubstep, twisted dancehall, grimy glitch-hop, and several metric tons of trippy trap and weird bass. If this mix doesn't get you excited for the future of the label, then you're a stranger to us.

Sounds of Wakaan Vol. 1

Voyager: Greetings from Earth
Radioactive Sandwich - A Broken Reality (Space Jesus Remix)
Liquid Stranger - Encounter
Liquid Stranger vs Missy Elliott - Head knock
Tonio Sagan vs iLL Mac - Murderas
Nanopulse - Behold What’s Coming (Liquid Stranger Remix)
Space Jesus - M Night Shambhala
Space Jesus - Infinite Extravagance
Big Chocolate - Yodel Knockin
Tonio Sagan - The Triz
Liquid Stranger - Trigger Happy
Liquid Stranger - Moonlander Dub
Liquid Stranger - Don’t Stop
Liquid Stranger - Stranger and Stranger
Pixel & Freedom Fighters - Trick n’ Treat (Mr Bill Remix)
an-ten-nae - Twonk
Perkulat0r - Kinkao
Neuroplasm - Bewilderbeast (Desert Dwellers Dubz Antispin)
Space Jesus - Grime Jam
Perkulat0r - Drippy
Esseks - Snubbed
Mr Bill - Silicone Hutch
Esseks - OTW (Shortbus VIP)
Mr Bill - Peaceful Beginnings
Mr Bill - Straight Up Seminal Shit
Zebbler Encanti Experience - Freakquency (Space Jesus Remix)
Space Jesus - Bob Molly
Psy Fi - Redliner (Perkulat0r Remix)
Space Jesus - Nice A__ Yeans
Liquid Stranger - Stop
Nano pulse - Random
Liquid Stranger - Spawn (Remix)
Tonio Sagan - Lucky Break
Space Jesus - The Starz
Mr Bill - Slutteral Gump
Mr Bill, Bran Richards & K+Lab - The Bike
Mr Bill - Drenched
Liquid Stranger - Collider
Liquid Stranger - Tantrum (Remix)
Liquid Stranger ft Ragga Twins - Tremor (Mashup)
Liquid Stranger - Bam
Space Jesus - Jafar’s Pipe Dreams
Liquid Stranger - Fuzz

Tags: DowntempoDubstepGlitchTrap