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Favorite ThisLanguage Love Releases Amor Creador for free

Published: January 31, 2012

 Ft. Collins producer Treven Crist grinds out global glitch with fourth Re:Evolution release

Download the album for free from

From his mountainous hideout in Ft. Collins, CO, Re:Evolution Media recording/performing artist Treven Crist, a.k.a. Language Love, has been patiently crafting his fourth release and second full-length album Amor Creador. Fusing global melodies and instruments with the wobbling bass of glitch-hop and bass music, Crist is at the forefront of the burgeoning new set of psychedelic producers following in the footsteps of the great mind-expanding acts of the 60's and 70's, who likewise rebuked the hyper-commercialism and slick packaging of the pop music scene of their era. There are no remixes on this album, nor are there any hip-hop hooks dropped in to create a false sense of familiarity. This is pure sonic exploration. Guitars, sitars, saxes, violins, ouds, tablas, and other world percussion swirl around whompy bass, blending into a spacy stew of global glitch.

Easily his best production work, Crist has finally found the sound that defines his career. "The album gets heavy at times but also has lots of pretty blissful moments to it," he explains. "A song will start out nice and pretty and build and get kinda tense and crazy and maybe even really dark and explosive for a minute and then calm back down and return to the uplifting sounds.  Every track tends to change often and never really gets very monotonous or dull, and in doing so I feel like every track is it's own epic journey."


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