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Favorite ThisRe:Evolution Media 2012 Talent Roster Mixtape

Published: January 18, 2012
For the past few years, a musical movement has been emanating from one of the likeliest places--Austin, Texas--but from an unlikely genre: electronic dance music. In response to the growing commercialism and mainstream meddling in EDM, Re:Evolution Media has stepped in to promote shows and nurture artists who focus on the healing and spiritual effects of sonic vibrations. Re:Evolution, today, re-emerges with an entirely new roster of musical emissaries: The Nadis Warriors, Govinda, Kaminanda, Birds of Paradise (Bird of Prey + Gibson), D.V.S*, Desert Dwellers, Loyal Divide, LoBounce, Language Love, ishi, Indigo Uprising, wiZard, Ugly Lion, visual artist Jonathan Singer, and the daring duo of Alex and Allyson Grey. Ranging from psychedelic explorers to bass provocateurs and indie darlings, Re:Evolution's new arsenal of goodwill is bolstered by the forthcoming announcement of The Manifestation Celebration lineup. There's something big brewing in Texas...

Tags: BreaksElectroLivetronicaDubstepHip HopDowntempoGlitchDrum and BassPsytranceElectronica