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Favorite ThisKowta teases new Dark Matter LP with lead single 'Black Hole'

Published: August 16, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

ShadowTrix Music is basically running the west coast bass scene right now. Let's just give it to you straight. This past weekend at Organic Fest in Wilseyville, California, Shlump, Trevor Kelly, and PartyWave went B2B2B and then the homie Pleasure hopped up to make it a square B2B2B2B and debut material from his forthcoming STM EP (shhhhhhh). These kids are absolutely crushing the Weird Bass movement with their talent and propelling things forward.

Which is exactly why we always listen to our ShadowTrix hookup when they're hipping us to the new sound. Meet Kowta out of the Lake Tahoe area. This NorCal bass enthusiast joins a stellar team with a fearsome 8-track LP that is actually out today (August 16).

We wanted to get you on board with his sound just in time for the STM drop, so set your ears on "Black Hole," which fits the spacey, trippy, and trappy themes of the rest of the Dark Matter album. You can see why we're instant fans. This cut has everything we want in a sweaty, late-night banger. Rip our faces off, young Ben Kowta. And the rest of you better snatch up that new new from ShadowTrix Music.

Tags: Trap