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Favorite ThiskLL sMTH x The Digital Connection team up on 'Gristle Queen'

Published: May 8, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

Two of Colorado's favorite sons have gotten together for a contribution to The Mile High Sound Movement's annual compilation that breaks the mold for both performers.

The fourth installment in the Mile High Meltdown series features tracks from Cualli, DYNOHUNTER, Kruza Kid & DMVU, among many others. But the track that caught our eye comes courtesy of kLL sMTH and The Digital Connection.

The Untz Festival 2018Known for deep, gurgling neuro, glitch, and psychedelic bass, this collab from Kristoffer Edland and Ricky Shine actually flies in the face of convention, which for these guys sounds like going all the way around the bend and assembling a straightforward hip-hop down. Unable to completely keep the song devoid of trippy musings and otherworldly sounds, Edland and Shine still get pretty far out there, and you'll get some signature kLL sMTH scratching, to go along with “Gristle Queen's” no nonsense attitude.

Fans of The Untz are well aware we are beyond thrilled to be bringing the sonic swagger of kLL sMTH to The Untz Festival, which returns to Mariposa, California June 1-3. He'll be joined by his Colorado cohort Frequent, international favorite Chee, fellow collaborator Esseks, and many others like EAZYBAKED, SubDocta, Psy Fi, Brightside, Secret Recipe, and CharlestheFirst.

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