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Favorite ThiskLL sMTH and chLL with 'The L0phites'

Published: June 1, 2021

By: Anand Harsh

kLL sMTH presents cHLL sMTH Vol. 2Straight out the frying pan into the sun. After a year and a half absence from full capacity shows and outdoor festivals, things are already heating up this summer.

kLL sMTH has gone from 0 to light speed in the past few weeks, slaughtering The Mish during a late spring two-nighter, than absolutely annihilating the CharlestheFirst Wyoming crowd with some heat this past weekend. Now he's onto The Untz Festival this Friday with Mr. Bill as kLL Bill, and then he takes us into Saturday morning with a cHLL sMTH sunrise.

It's only appropriate that the day before the festival starts, he'll be dropping cHLL sMTH Vol. 2, which features some of his wonky lo-fi hip-hop and downtempo experimentations. Fans are freaking out for good reason, as it not only shows off a completely different side of his production prowess, but also allows him to play more with mood and vibe than just going straight doink mode all set.

Listen to “The L0phites” before you get on-site to get a taste of what daybreak is going to be like. And make sure you get your tickets if you haven't yet, because they're about to disappear.

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