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Favorite ThisKliine returns to ThazDope Records with Island Run

Published: April 3, 2018

By: Hank S. Picious

The Untz Festival ThazDope StageComing back quickly with his second EP on ThazDope Records is Florida's own Kliine.

Austin Kline's first EP, Side Effects, broke into the Beatport Top 100 and has been getting supported nationally. This newest release takes us even further into the repertoire of what this young producer can accomplish with his sound design.

The title track of the EP starts us off with a certain island feel, for sure. Cracking open a few coconuts and taking us on a wild ride through the jungle is how we enter into this exploration of future island crunk.

From Within” speaks for itself. A bit on the darker side of things, Kliine beams us up with a bit of alien fusion on this one. This drop is crunchier than expected, and then comes around with the lush tones in the atmospheric chords at the end. Very mysterious.

KliineDropping us off at “Flamingo Way,” this track is a Cadillac trunk rattler. Gangster vibe with some very intricate synth work that is on some next level waves. Pulling from an amazing horn section for the bridge, he then latches us in for the second half which is an absolute dance floor banger.

We close off with “Ring The Alarm.” It goes without saying that Kliine is one of our most anticipated new names to The Untz Festival lineup. Knowing that he has some much more new music that we won't hear for months has us all very excited for what's to come. “Ring The Alarm” is the finishing touch to this EP. Well crafted, head knocking bass music the way we like it.

He joins the ThazDope late night sessions at Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain over 4/20-422 in Arkansas. He will also make his west coast debut with the crew and the artists on the newly launched ThazDope Agency out at The Untz Festival! Did we mention you can experience this producer and many, many others on 200,000 watts of Hennessey Sound Design? You can, June 2-3 in Mariposa, California. Visit to snag your tickets.

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