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Favorite ThisKliine releases Side Effects on ThazDope Records

Published: February 13, 2018

By: Hank S. Picious

KliineToday's big ThazDope Records drop comes from Kliine, a new name to the The Untz Festival lineup. Side Effects is an exceptional release from another exciting newcomer to the scene. Austin Kliine Powers was born in Dayton, Ohio and later transplanted with his family to the Orlando, Florida area.

If you know anything about the current state of affairs in the weird bass realm we don't need to remind you that the Trifinity (Yheti, Toadface, Mt. Analogue), HoneyBee, Phyllis Wayne, Bib Wingus, and the whole Toortous Crew hail from Dayton. Then you have the fresh-squeezed Florida sounds coming from the likes of EazyBaked, Mystic Grizzly, Dropkick, Lucy, and so many others on the rise within the Sunshine state's Mecca of bass music culture. Festivals like Fractal Beach, Zen Awakening, and Pass the Good have had a huge part in developing and nurturing the culture down there. Respect to all of the crews that have helped the music and art thrive. All this to say Kliine is surrounded wherever he goes by some aspirational sounds.

The title track from Kliine's EP starts us off with a mysterious, ambient feel featuring a narrator naming off a list of “Side Effects” that could indeed be caused from everything happening in today's world. Kliine hits us over the head with the drop. It's grimy, it's dark, and it's true. Coming back around with the halftime feel, he takes it up a notch right before coming to an ending that leaves the listener unaware that the end was near.

Bit by Bit” kicks off with a syncopation that sets the tone with a nice crackle added, bringing in each layer bit by bit. When the midline bass kicks in, it literally grabs you by the ear lobes, twists, and suck you into the next dimension like a weary time traveler. This track definitely takes it to the next level for me. As we come to the breakdown, we experience an abundance of polyrhythms and over the bar line feels that kick us through a portal. Spitting us out for the last ride coming in at track three.

Dub Daze” is a collaborative effort with southeast OG, Moglee, a.k.a. Tyler Hogue. The two come together to drive the vibe home to the listener. Might I say this is the "feel good" track of the EP. Coming at us with hints of the sandy nights out on the southeast coast, this track definitely delivers the wavy flow, and energy that makes us all want to dance. Keep an eye out from that dude Moglee as well, he has much up his sleeves for 2018 as well from what we can see.

Keeping in mind that this is the debut effort from Kliine, I am looking forward to seeing where he takes us next. Already with his next two EP's ready and polished, look forward to what comes next from Kliine, but for now enjoy Side Effects.

Tags: Drum and BassDubstep