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Favorite ThisKlaypex: Ready to Go Review

Published: April 11, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

What do you get when you mix danceable beats, breath taking synth lines, head bobbing vocal samples, and a dollop of monster dub tones?
Well if your guess was the momentous and exceedingly impressive music of Klaypex, than you win all the marbles. The Miami collective of Johnny Atar and Mark Emmanuel has been kicking ass and tacking names via their hailstorm of fierce electro house and eccentric dubstep grooves that get a crowd going H-A-M till 8 am. They have been working hard these last few years to create a sensational sound that could bring raise the dead, which can be felt on their debut album Loose Dirt and critically acclaimed remixes of Ellie Goulding, Daft Punk, and Innerpartysystem.
On their latest release, Ready to Go, Klaypex busts opens up the floodgates and drenches their fans with a sonic tsunami.
The title track sets the pace and tone for the album and asks the listener the very important question; “Are you ready to go?” The cut features a prominent serving of in-your-face synth bursts and substantial drops that weave their through bright snare hits.
The release also strikes with a slew of massive electro house anthems that are the perfect driving force for any fan of the potent and energetic sounds that are developing out of Florida. “Crazy” is a jaw dropping bass whompin’ cut that is perfect track for partying on a nice sunny day, while “Hello” is a dance hall banger that will have any crowd going rowdy while throwing their fists in the air.
“Too Late” strikes with eerie vocals and charismatic soundwaves that together combine to create one of the more emotive tracks on the release.
The beautiful vocals of Sara Kay appear on two tracks as they did on the previous Klaypex album, and make a huge splash into the waters of Miami Beach. “Sunrise” is a sensual bass filled treat that will relinquish the stresses of anyone and have them dancing the night away, while “Stars” is a snare driven, mouth watering dubby cut that chops up Kay’s vocals at times to establish a gritty yet captivating sound throughout.
Ready to Go is an incredible release from artists who are not afraid to mesh multiple genres and mix them together in a tasty musical stew that is complete with spicy vocals and a healthy serving of in your face soundscapes.

Tags: DubstepElectroHouse