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Favorite ThisKeeplove? taps Michal Menert for 'Love We Gained' [Super Best Records]

Published: December 8, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

And now for something completely different...

For the past few years, Dave Samano has been honing what he calls folkstep from his home base in Detroit, MI. The future folk and minimal bass artist has been performing and producing on the fringes of the electro-soul scene as Keeplove?, forming a bond with bigger names in the industry to bring his outlier sound into the limelight.

To that end, Samano drops his debut full-length album, Northern Ways, on Super Best Records in the near future, and as part of the ramp up to the release, snagged some backing vocals and Wurlitzer (and album artwork) from none other than label head Michal Menert. Today's premiere, "Love We Gained," is a misty, melancholy tune than ambles along gently like the old drunk who sits at the end of your favorite dive bar. Somber and introspective, there's a delicate sadness to the song that cloudies the sunny outlook of its lyrics. It's that balance of light and dark that makes it quite remarkable.

While this may be well outside the realm of audio comfort of our fan base, we share it nonetheless, because this sort of sonic experimentation challenges the status quo, and pushes the envelope towards the new sounds and styles we'll grow to love, as well. Keep it up, Keeplove?

Tags: DowntempoElectronica