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Favorite ThisCOBRAYAMA unveils smooth 'Jacked Up & Juiced' 50-minute mix

Published: March 23, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

COBRAYAMAAhead of his Music & Art tour with Michal Menert, which resumes this week, the main man COBRAYAMA today unloads a delight grip of g-funk all rolled up into a breezy 50-minute mix that will arouse and delight all the senses.

A mix of classic west coast 90's era gangsta hip-hop, the tracks they sampled, and an imaginative arrangement of a lazy Sunday afternoon grill out in Compton breathes new life into this iconic ideas. Popularized by Dre and his Death Row crew, this sublime concoction of rap royalty is just the ticket for your work-a-day blues.

COBRAYAMA and Menert hit D.C.'s U Street Music Hall on March 29, followed up by CODA in Philadelphia, El Club in Detroit, and closing things out in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the old standby the Miramar Theatre. What a cool concept. We hope to see more of this music/art crossover from our favorite acts.

Tags: Hip Hop