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Favorite ThisJantsen & AFK - Shake That

Published: January 27, 2012
By: Beth Ann Johnson
2012 looks like a game-changer in the music career of bass producer Jantsen Robertson. This past year he showed us that quality over quantity pays off--a collaboration with Bassnectar, titan DJs like Excision dropping his tracks, and the release of some incredible new tunes on a couple of great labels. But this year, his sound has developed further, and high-end production skills are revealed as he continues to crank out banger after banger. Jantsen absolutely owns the month of January. First, there's his remix "Poundtown,” which is already being spread across the country by Datsik and Crizzly. Then, he received nearly 17 thousand plays on his "When the Beats Drop" preview. This week, a song released on PLAY ME with Colorado bud Dirt Monkey. And last but not least, a preview of his latest collaboration with AFK (Jimmy B & Kyle Nuss) that starts out bouncy, has a solid build up, and hits you with a chattering bass that demonstrates its title... "Shake That."

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Tags: Dubstep