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Favorite ThisIranian producer Soltan debuts 'Live On Rewind' from new Jadugar EP

Published: July 20, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

You have to be on your game to impress Troy Beetles. That's just how it goes if you want Firepower Records chief Datsik to give you a shot on his label. So what makes Soltan's story all the more impressive is that not only did he have to make absolutely sure his sound design on his new EP was on point, from every soaring note to every gut-bustin' drop, he also had to do it in complete secrecy.

SoltanShow Lex, an Iranian national, has to battle an oppressive governmental regime that cracks down on internet access, collaborating with producers halfway around the world under a shroud of silence. The blood-curdling bass you hear in his Firepower EP, Jadugar (coming out July 22) is the 24-year-old artist's anthem of resistance. Trade in your acoustic guitars for powerful plug-ins, we have a new era in protest songs.

Today, we're honored to premiere, "Live On Rewind," a fusion of beauty and brashness that only Soltan could conjure. Obsessed with Indian culture, Soltan tapped the vocal skills of Philly's Jai Matt to blend Bollywood and bass in a completely unconventional way. This is truly a worldwide song, fusing flavors from around the globe into a brilliantly bold chorus that melts down into one of the sickest drops of the summer. With all the misery and uncertainty encircling the planet, perhaps we should all get together and headbang it out.


Pre-order Jadugar from Firepower Records before its July 22nd release!

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