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Favorite ThisIntelepaths: Neon Arrows Review

Published: July 9, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Recently, bass slinging glitch hop producers ill-esha and Unlimited Gravity combined their individual talents to establish a new project called Intelepaths. The duo have not only entwined their charismatic production abilities, but are also unleashing a slew of vocals on most tracks to spice up their beats and create something sensual and progressive.
On their debut EP Neon Arrows, the pair takes production to a new and improved level with a release that seems only to fit in a genre of its own.
Opening up the booming set of songs is “Cosmical,” which is a hip-hop infused jam that features bouncy bass lines that float amongst the two producer’s instrumentations. The track features ill-esha and Unlimited Gravity singing R&B vocals at times, while also spitting hot bars throughout; a unique experience that is very different from what the two producers have released in the past.
The title track opens up with crunch synth bursts that will captivate its listeners as groundbreaking grooves riddle their way in between bright and ubiquitous snare hits. This song features no vocals, but instead lets pivotal build-ups and melodic background tones do the talking.
 “My Beautiful” is a daunting tune that strikes immediately with string samples reminiscent of the Renaissance era, which are soon layered underneath ill-esha’s tantalizing vocals and spine tingling lyrics; a powerful track that is sure to have listeners pressing repeat at a rapid rate.
Neon Arrows is an ethereal release from two producers who are truly pushing the boundaries of their respective movement, while creating a monumental sound that will stick in the minds of anyone tuned in. 

Tags: GlitchHip HopBreaksDowntempoDrum and BassDubstep