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Favorite ThisHullabaloO did some dirty, dirty things to 'Paradonks'

Published: August 20, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

HullabaloOI am disgusted. Absolutely horrified.

Once the wunderkind of glitch hop, now young Andrew Bryant is asserting himself in the halftime and neuro worlds; just out here gunning for complete domination.

The new HullabaloO album has come sliding across my plate like a Miami Marlin with COVID-19, all slippery as sick as fuck. Ivy Lab and SHADES better watch the throne, because Andy is gunnin' for 'em. This is some S-tier progressive bass, because I can't squint my ears at one technique, before some new hook comes roarin' up behind my ass.

I could only pick one tune out of the ten (that's right, a full ten porkers coming down the pipe next month) to give you folks a tease, but I picked a blue ribbon hog for you. “Paradonks” features an insatiable groove that pummeled its way into my gut with a fist of fury. It's kinda unfair that I can only share one, and frankly, the cover art you're seeing isn't even the whole picture here, so "being withholding" is kind of a theme here.

Habaneuro is available for pre-order beginning August 27th, and then the album is out in full September 4th. And if you think waiting is tough, imagine how I feel knowing I'm not going to see him live until The Untz Festival comes back around again in June 2021? Bet you feel real bad now.

Tags: Drum and BassDubstepGlitch