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Favorite ThisHobotech Releases New Mix - "The Heelots Strike Back"

Published: May 24, 2011

Sometimes Barbara Stanwyck pops into your life, and you go from being a down-and-out pitcher badly in need of Tommy John's surgery, sleeping under bridges, and hanging out with a raggedy ol' prospector to eating salads and demanding outlandish amenities like a pillow! For Jon Margulies, he stumbled upon Ableton and went from being a hobo to Hobotech.

The latest mix from Ableton maestro Hobotech is chock full of his trampy roots, from Tom Waits, to Lightnin' Hopkins and the aforementioned John Doe. But "The Heelots Strike Back" has plenty of "tech" in it, too, from VibeSquaD, Love & Light, Kraddy, and Tipper. Mixing and mashing the old with the new is Margulies' bread and butter. But just some crusty ol' bread is good enough for Beany. Too bad Gary Cooper had to go and get messed up in all the fuss. He's too handsome to be a heelot!

Hobotech: The Heelots Strike Back

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