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Favorite ThisHobotech Releases 2 New Tracks for Free

Published: December 20, 2010

Patched dungarees and stinky feet intact, Hobotech is back with a couple of throwback bangers.  Jon Margulies has tossed a little wobble into his trampy swagger.  This is what VibeSquaD would sound like if he didn't shower, didn't shave, and rode the 'L' for two and a half weeks mumbling to himself and listening to a dubbed cassette of the Dixie Hummingbirds on a Walkman.  Known for snatching vocal hooks from spirituals and work songs from the turn of the last century, and throwing them on to hip, danceable beats,  Hobotech has turned out two new bouncy tracks: "Baby, Don't You Wanna Go?" and "Rollin' and Controllin'."  The pair are being featured on his forthcoming release "This is the Place."  Remember, this guy wrote the book on Ableton.  Literally.

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