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Favorite ThisHalo 4 - Green & Blue (KOAN Sound Remix)

Published: October 11, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Before games like Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead, F.E.A.R, and Assassin’s Creed, it was all about Halo. If you were in the mood to bounce around, shoot some guns, and of course blow shit up, than you’d look no farther than Master Chief’s wild realm of space. The ubiquitous game is busting out its fourth edition in November, and alongside the release comes a special edition soundtrack containing captivating anthems from powerhouse producers like Alvin Risk, Caspa, Sander Van Doorn & Julian Jordan, Maor Levi, Hundred Waters, and KOAN Sound—interested yet?

One revamp that has truly caught our attention stems from the last of these artists, and is an ethereal tune that will instantly sweep any listener off their feet. “Green & Blue” opens up with a series of symphonic instrumentations and faint drum work, which paints a dreary and haunting scene of a distant planet under siege. The track strikes up a fluent balance between heavy and melodic throughout, with sporadic snare hits and peaceful synth lines working together in unblemished coalescence—blissful, chaotic, and entirely euphoric.

KOAN Sound holds nothing back on their immersive revamp of Neil Davidge, while furthur proving to everyone that nothing has slowed down after The Adventures of Mr. Fox.

Tags: DowntempoDubstepGlitch