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Favorite ThisGross. Levitation Jones spring tour kicks off this weekend.

Published: February 16, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

Levitation JonesHasn't America been through enough?

Brian Gardner apparently doesn't think so. In his quest to punish the countryside, we're stuck with the Levitation Jones tour Whether You Like It Or Not.


Rhode Island's Bastard of Bass kicks off his spring tour at Alien Abduction in Buffalo, New York this Saturday (February 18) alongside Yheti and The Widdler. Thank god they're on The Untz Festival and not Levitation Jones. You're welcome.

Beginning in March, things get dangerous when Jones bounces between the east coast and the west coast, hitting a string of dates up and down California in the process. There are a couple of Colorado dates, as well as big runs in the midwest and southeast before returning to the northeast and mid-Atlantic in May as spring gives way to summer, and our nausea turns to diarrhea.

For those who just can't stand Levitation Jones, you're gonna really be pissed when it's blasting through 75K Watts of Danley subs. If you get real close to these bad boys, you too can look like a troll doll in a k-hole.

At least this self-centered megalomaniac has chosen to surround himself by talented artists. Graciously, Pushloop, Prophet, Ludge, Orchestrobe, and Rez have agreed to keep this tour afloat. During Levitation Jones' sets, you can give your ears a rest as you watch the talented Raf Mata and Andrea Tuccio live paint on select dates. Let's see if they can spend more than 5 minutes in the van with him.

Use the attached graphic to ensure the avoidance of certain cities on certain dates. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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